Sileni Estates and Red Metal Vineyards Present a Great Fundraising Opportunity

We’re very excited to partner with Sileni to offer you a selection of their wines at great prices, whilst supporting the toy library. Sileni will donate $40 for every case ordered to the toy library. Please note that if you’re interested in participating, you can order individual bottles, you are not required to order a full case. You’re welcome to invite friends and family to also take part.

Our offer runs from 16th October – 6th November. You can pick up forms from the toy library, or download them from here, which contain all the details about the offer. We will place a bulk order and will contact you once we have received the wine.

We hope that you enjoy the offer and the wines!

If you have any questions then please do enquire at the library or contact Kylie (details on the form).

Wine Offer Form 

Wine Order Form