How to do a duty

How to do a Duty at the Fun and Games Toy Library

Firstly, thank you for choosing to be a roster member of the Toy Library – as a volunteer run group we would not be able to operate the library without your help.

What if you can’t do a shift?

  • Swap with someone else on the roster and notify the librarian.
  • Unfortunately if you miss a shift and don’t arrange a replacement you will be billed $40 ($15 for Community Services Card holders) for each shift.

Setting up

  • Please arrive on time at 9.00am.
  • Open cupboards, pull out computer trolley, toy trolleys and put into position.
  • Put a selection of the large toys on display.
  • Set up a table for returned toys.
  • Take out the door sign.
  • Put up the safety gate (tighten the pads against the door frame to secure in place).

Throughout the morning

  • Greet members and check returned toys:
  • Check toys and pieces against their description and count pieces to ensure they are present. Refer any problems to the Librarian.
  • Check toys are clean and dry. If not they need to be re-issued for cleaning, or the member can clean them at the library with the cleaning materials provided.
  • Check toys for any signs of damage
  • Tick off returned toys on the member’s computer printout. If they haven’t brought this write member name and toys(s) name and number on a slip of paper.
  • Put returned toys away on their correct shelf/trolley
  • During quiet periods ask the Librarian for a job to do, eg. Reconcile missing pieces, clean toys, help process new toys, replace tatty description lists, tidy shelves, read noticeboard.

Closing up

  • Last toys to be returned/issued at 11.20am to allow time to pack up (we only lease the rooms until midday).
  • Pack away trolleys and large toys.
  • Take in door sign.
  • Take down safety gate.

If you have any queries about the roster contact  Thanks for helping and please remember your toy library is run by parents who volunteer their time and energy to make this a great place.  We really appreciate your assistance.


FGTL Committee